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Preventive Vigilance For Collaborative Management

About the Program

Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) play a significant role in the economic as well as social development of the country. Today these undertakings are no longer judged on their commercial results but are also compared with Private Sector in varying degrees with respect to over-all efficiency parameters.

Since PSUs primarily deal with public money, it becomes imperative to drive these companies through systems. Hence, there is a greater need to regulate the conduct of employees. This is done by making ‘Vigilance department’ as essential component of Management and by adopting ‘preventive’ and ‘punitive’ forms of vigilance. In private sector, this activity is a part of ‘compliance’, with more focus on preventive type of vigilance.

This program helps in understanding various aspects of Vigilance, specially for non-vigilance employees to regulate their own conduct and to feel the sense of ‘Collaborative Management’ without any fear.

Program Fees: ₹ 4,999 + GST = ₹ 5,892/-
Program Fees: ₹ 4,999 + GST = ₹ 5,892/-
program Objectives
  • To bring awareness about Vigilance Matters
  • It may help in developing a governance and f raud detection Framework
  • The program is tailor-made to help employees identify weaknesses in Business activities, which eventually may help prevent potential procedural violations in key business areas
  • Understanding CVC guidelines on Tender ing and Contracts
  • Upskilling capabilities for doing Investigations and Submitting Reports

This Program is ideal for

  • Vigilance Functionaries
  • Non-Vigilance Functionaries
  • Working Professionals in PSUs
  • HR/Employee Relations Professionals
  • Compliance aspirants of SDG 16

Program Content

  • Overview of Vigilance
  • Punitive,Participative & Preventive Vigilance, Importance of Preventive Vigilance
  • CVC & its role
  • Vigilance Structure in Organisations
  • Tendering & Contract Management – Need for eff iciency and Transparency
  • Handling Complaints, (Anonymous & Pseudonymous)
  • The Art of doing Investigations and Submitting Reports
Helps in Connecting dots through Education

SDG 16 reads as Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to ju stice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

  • Target 16.5: Substantially reduce corruption and bribery in all their forms.
  • Target 16.6: Develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels.
Program Modules

  • Concept of key performance indicators or KPI’s
  • Data and management of data KPI’s
  • Visualizing KPI’s: Dash boarding & Story Telling
  • Getting started with python
  • Basics programing concept
  • Python data types
  • Working with dataframes
  • Importance of social media and digital marketing
  • Social media text analytics
  • Social media networks analytics
  • Social media action analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Introduction to Machine learning
  • Data Preprocessing & Exploration
  • Supervisedlearning techniques
  • Unsupervised learning techniques
  • To introduce and demonstrate the power of Business analytics .
  • To enable the participants to learn and appreciate the use of data analysis techniques to solve real- world business problem.
  • To enable participants to derive useful insights from the data for effective decision-making.
Eminent Experts
Sunil Kumar Singh, IAS (1983)

BE (E&C), IIT Roorkee
Member (Administrative/Technical),
Real Estate Appellate
Tribunal, Bihar

Mr. Singh is a widely travelled, Award winning & internationally acclaimed Administrator for the outstanding work done in the field of “Area Based Assessment of property Tax”, popularly known as Patna Model of Taxation. A former president of Vigilance Study Circle – a forum of all Vigilance Officers of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), Public Sector Banks (PSBs) & all Central Government Departments. He is also the former Financial Advisor to University Grants Commission (UGC) and Former Chairman of 7th Pay-Commission for Universities in Bihar. He superannuated as Chairman, Board of Revenue, Government of Bihar in May 2019.

Atul Trivedi

B. Tech (Electrical) Honours
MD, Powergrid Warora Transmission Ltd.
MD, Powergrid Parli Transmission Ltd.

Mr. Trivedi carries 39 years of work experience in Power Sector Maharatna Company at various levels including 2 years as Head of Contracts Division. He has also worked for 9 years in Govt. of India in the field of Power Sector Reforms.

T.M. Gupta

BE (Civil)
Former Executive Director,
Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Mr. Gupta has more than 38 years of Industry Experience including 20 years in handling of Engineering Projects. He has led from the front for completing multi-crore engineering projects in multiple states. It earned him the distinction of leading ‘Tendering and Contract Teams’ under Northern Region, covering 7 States and 3 UTs. His 9 years hands-on experience in corporate Vigilance and innovative handling of tendering activities helped in streamlining the process, thereby reducing number of complaints by 98%. He has also been an expert in handling Vigilance matters involving intense coordination with CVC, CBI and other agencies.

Harsh Sachdev

B Tech – Civil (Honours ), PhD (Management),
Vice-President (Executive Education & Consulting),
Jaipuria Institute of Management

Mr. Sachdev is a seasoned professional with over 37 years of workExperience including 8 years ‘hands-on’ Vigilance experience in a Fortune 500 Company. He carries a wide global exposure in Vigilance and Forensic matters through professional training internationally. A prolific trainer and educator, he has also been a motivational speaker in various training programs. He has also the experience of designing & delivering various programs in association with IIM-A, IIM-C, IIT-K, XLRI, MDI Gurugram, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida and many other premier institutes.

KS Mishra

BE (Electrical), M Tech ( IT BHU)
Former Chief General Manager
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL)

Mr. Mishra has a rich 36 years of Industry experience including 10 years ‘hands-on’ Vigilance experience as Head of IOCL Northern Region Vigilance team. He has handled various portfolios in his professional journey including LPG, Vigilance and Maintenance & Inspections to name a few. He has been professionally sound in handling vigilance matters involving conducting Inquiries for serious complaints and also for coordination with CVC & CBI.

Our Clients
Sangeeta Baishya Assistant Manager (E&P), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

The course was a perfect introduction to data analytics and easy to follow. All the instructors have outstanding skills and are very interactive.

Laxmi Kumari Sr. IT Associate, Metlife GOSC

It’s been a great learning with such an experienced faculty and I believe this course will bring great opportunities for me in the future.

Saunak Chakraborty Sr. Manager – Marketing Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

The Program has been a Consolidated, Concise and Lucid Learning Module, invoking my interest to further deep dive into the subjects. Faculty has been immaculate in connecting the dots between the academic theories and their relevance in the real business environment which I am sure will be very handy in making conscious business decisions

Atul Kumar Team Leader, Bank of America

In the Business Analytics program, I learned some very important concepts of analytics with reference to Management like - Machine Learning, Data Cleaning, Processing and Visualization. helped me a lot to further develop my skills in Machine Learning and Managerial Decision making. The balance between basic concepts and hands on sessions are very much appreciated.

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